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Alan J. Friedman Center For The Development Of Young Scientists

Alan J Friedman Center
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The New York Hall of Science is committed to creating a world where diversity unlocks innovation.

NYSCI’s Alan J. Friedman Center for the Development of Young Scientists aims to change the face of the STEM workforce – by providing programming that levels the STEM playing field for underrepresented minority youth, and builds STEM Social Capital among participants.

STEM innovations are critical to solving the world’s biggest problems and improving the quality of our lives – and our goal is to develop the next generation of curious, confident citizens who reflect on the world around them, ask difficult questions and contribute solutions for today’s complex challenges.

The Friedman Center was created in 2014, to honor the legacy of NYSCI’s founding director – physicist Dr. Alan J. Friedman – who established the museum as a world-class science center which served the diverse communities of Queens.

The brilliance of Dr. Friedman’s vision lives on in the cornerstone program he inspired, NYSCI’s Science Career Ladder. The SCL program, established in 1986, empowers underrepresented minority youth to pursue academic and career pathways in STEM.

The Friedman Center plays a key role in accomplishing NYSCI’s mission to nurture passionate learners and critical thinkers through an approach we call ‘Design, Make, Play’.

With this approach, the Friedman Center programs empower young people to discover multiple, dynamic pathways to learning and rewarding careers.

Prepare themselves for academic and career success; and

Connect with and confidently pursue STEM opportunities.

To give young people the confidence and connections that continue through college, their careers, and their lives – each Friedman Center program engages youth in these focus areas:

  • STEM Exploration
  • Mentors and Models
  • College Access and Support
  • Career Readiness

The Friedman Center is committed to supporting young people as they transform their passion for discovery into academic success and rewarding careers.

If you would like to support us in our mission to develop young scientists and STEM professionals – you can donate, contact us, or follow our Explainer Program on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.

The Alan J. Friedman Center for the Development of Young Scientists is supported by:

Amazin’ Mets Foundation

Barker Welfare Foundation


Capital One

Carson Family Charitable Trust

Cathay Bank

Cognizant Foundation

Countess Moira Charitable Foundation

Nicholas and Anita Donofrio

General Motors Corporation

Golden Family Foundation

The Hearst Foundations

National Science Foundation

New York Community Trust

The Seidenberg Family Foundation

Siegel Family Endowment

United Airlines

The Walt Disney Company